Omani Girl Traced by Falaknuma Police; 17 year old Omani national, who was allegedly kidnapped by her friend Ateeq a week ago

Hyderabad : 12tv Online News
The Falaknuma police rescued a 17-year-old Omani national Noof alias Mehraj Begum, who was allegedly kidnapped by her friend Mohd Ateeq a week ago. According to Inspector, Falaknuma, A Srinivasa Rao, the girl had left the house on her own after being lured by Mohd Ateeq.

The teenage girl and the man were found at their relative’s house at Patancheru in the wee hours of Wednesday.

“They took money from their houses and left for Pune and later to Bengaluru before returning back to Hyderabad and stayed at a relative’s house. The man was arrested and the girl shifted to rescue home in the city on orders of the court,” said the Inspector.
Police are investigating.

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