Biography of Umdatul Muhadiseen Maulana Khaja Shareef R.A. (Shaik Ul Hadees Jamia Nizamia)


Mohammed Khaja Shareef

Umdatul Muhaddiseen, Ashraful Ulama, Muhaddis e Millat.

Custodian and Preceptor of Jamia Nizamia, Superintendent of Library, Deputy Dean of Literature ( Naeb Shaik Ul Adab), Secretary Majlis Isha`atul Uloom Jamia Nizamia, Dean of Hadees (Shaik ul Hadees).

Born on 15 Shawwal ul Mukarram, 1359 Hijri, 4 January 1940 in an educated family of Village Akrahar Potla Palli, District Shadnagar, State Andhra Pradesh (present Telangana).

Honorable Parents:
His kind Grandfather Hazrat Abbas Ali May Allah have Mercy on him was famous in serving humankind and well wishing of humanity, Father’s lineage goes to Hazrat Da`e Haleema Sadiya May Allah be please with her. The name of his great father is Hazrat Mohammed Shahab uddin May Allah have mercy on him. Died on Friday, 13 Zil Hijjah 1386 Hijri, 24 March 1967.

Among the grand parent of kind mother is Hazrat Sikander Darweish May Allah have mercy on him, whose lineage goes to the Great Imam Sayyiduna Husain ibn e Ali May Allah be pleased with them. His kind mother left this world on 23 Jumadi ul awwal 1415 Hijri, 20 October 1994.

The reason of using “Shareef” in name is, it is famous in Deccan that if mother of newborn is among Hashmi Sayyid (saadat hashmiyah) and Father is Shaik then respectfully “Shareef” is used with the name of newborn. In the year 1963 married with Aunt’s daughter.

Beginning of education:
There was an elderly person on a mountain in his village Potla Palli who was famous as “Zulfan wale molvi sahib”, at the beginning completed ‘Baghdadi Qaedah’ at him only. Then at the age of 8 years, after police action, came to Hyderabad along with father. Got admission in one of the primary school at Gosha Mahal and Studied from fourth standard. Then in 1950, at the age of 10 years his elder brother Hazrat Moulana Mohammed Shareef sahab May Allah have mercy on him admitted him at Jamia Nizamia in Fourth class (chaharum). He stays in the room number 13 of hostel ( Dar ul Iqama) along with his roommates. 1: Moulana Mohammed Sultan Mohiuddin, Ex-Head of the Arabic department, Jamia Osmania, 2: Moulana Hafiz Mahboob Ali, Ex-emendator Daeratul Maarif Al-Osmania 3:Moulana Mohammed Burhan 4: Moulana Abbas Shareef etc were among class-mates. He and all class-mates used to manage especially five times Prayer (Namaz) with gathering (jamat). Reciting Quran e Majeed daily after Namaz e Fajr was among daily routine. Allah has blessed him a great memory, was distinct in every stage during education. Either it may be reading books or referring or physical exercise.

As a secretary of Jamiat Talaba he used to be very innovative for the consistency of Jamia Nizamia. For the development of Jamia used to struggle with every possibility. Benefaction from Allah was contemporary and was granted with success.

Awarded by the Chief Minister of Telangana on the occasion of Telangana Day in 2107 for the best religious service and honors from various Islamic and religious organizations for his services.

Beginning of Teaching:
Was serving at Dar ul uloom Mo`assir ul Ulama with monthly 150/- salary but in the year 1966 Hazrat Moualana Mufti Abdul Hameed sahab Qibla Ex-Chancellor of Jamia Nizamia order to apply in the teaching section of Jamia NIzamia. He has accepted teaching service considering as a honor in the school of education, at that time his service was started with 75/-Rupees. He was appointed for the great post of administrator. Earlier, one teacher resigned for the sake of govt. job. At that time Hazrat Moulana Mufti Abdul Hameed Sahab Qibla Ex-chancellor of Jamia Nizamia said a remarkable phrase: “some people are leaving the service of Jamia for the sake of big earnings and some are leaving higher earnings for the sake of serving at Jamia “.

He stepped in the field of teaching soon after seeking education, meanwhile an incident took place that, he was with his kind Teacher in the Jama Masjid AfzalGunj, meeting with people, during discussion kind teacher introduced him saying “he is vey proficient in Hadees literature” at that time only he has decided whole heatedly that he will learn hadees literature.

He was searching intimacy in throng of city so that to acquire concentration, meanwhile he decided that concentration can be achieved being away from hometown. After wards in the year 1971 by giving one leave letter shifted to Jamia Ameenia, Delhi and acquired complete expertise in hadees literature. Certified in Sihah Sittah and other Hadees books. Then rejoined Jamia Nizamia and now Alhamdulillah is designated on glorified post of Shaik ul Hadees (Dean of Hadees) and by fulfilling the educational thirst of students of Hadees and rewarding with forever blessings. Supplication to God that Allah bless his age, confession and knowledge and his blessings persists overlong. Aameen!

Hadees Shareef lectures:
He has special intoxicated attraction with the knowledge of Hadees Sharif. At Jamia Nizamia he is teaching mother-of-all-books Bukhari, Tirmizi, Ibn-Majah, Abu Daood, Moata, Nisai Shareef and other books with extreme fluency, conciseness and with excellent in ornate. “Lecture of Bukhari” has became his identity, his way of teachings are short, brief, sympathetic, extremely moderate sufficiently pleasant and agreeable in ethical issues. The sweet and affectionate way of his lectures deeply enchants.

Phraseology/way of lecture:
In the class, equivalent or more number of Shafai students are present regularly apart from Hanafi students. The proofs and validations of each and every in the light of Hadess expresses with circumstantialities. In jurisprudence, explains the existence, and proofs about the Maslak e Hanafi. Before starting every chapter discuss deeply about the narrators of Hadees, narrator Sahabah Ikram and their heart touching incidents, biographies, their relations as per the requirements.

Educational tours:
Travelled Makkah Mukarrama, Madinah Munawarah, Kuwait, German, Dubai, Qatar etc.

Presiding the assembly of Qatam Bukhari in Madinah Munawarah:
This is honor for South India rather all Muslims of India that a group of Arab Scholars from different parts of Saudi Arabia gathered (conduced) with the intention to learn Bukhari Shareef and Shamael Tirmizi from Moulana Mohammed Khaja Sharif Shaik ul Hadees Jamia Nizamia. Teachings started from Makkah Mukarramah and concluded at Madinah Munawarah. Just within two weeks two books has been completed. Used to start teaching soon after Salat ul Fajr and concludes at 10:00PM night. Meanwhile there was no other business or work other than Salaat and other human necessities. People of Madinah Munawarh were astonished and amazed that Arabs are learning Bukhari Shareef from an India Scholar (Aalim). During the lecture Moulana spreads the precious pearls of knowledge that all scholars were astonished and amused. Names of his Some of the noteworthy students are Munzar Bin Mohammed, Director of Ministry of Islamic Affairs (Madinah Munawarah), Mohammed Bin Ahmed Hurayri Professor of king Abdul Aziz University (Jeddah), Naef Bin Hamd Abdullah Founder of Madarsa Habeed bin Addi (Riyaz), Omer Bin Ibrahim Altaweejri Guardian Almaktabah (Alqusaim), Saleh Bin Abdullah Alaseemi Director of Debates of Islamic Lectures (Riyaz) and Teachers of Masjid E Nabvi. As appraisal, these Scholars declared Moulana as “Root of Light in Jamia Nizamia, India”.

Anxiety of Dar ul Uloom Anantapur:
He has dedicated his life for the broadcasting and spread of Deen –e-Mateen and to spread Islamic education to each and every person of Muslim followers and for preaching and betterment of society. To execute these aims and intentions establishment of Schools (madarsa) was very important. And this series of succession progressed in such a way that its fruits were prominent in past, present and future. The biggest achievement among it is the establishment of Dar ul uloom Anantapur, in 1961 it has been founded. At the beginning teaching started with three students under the tree and by the grace of Allah today it has been educating with the knowledge of shariyat to the desired students just like “ Shajaratun Musmiratun”. Hazrat Hakeem Mohammed Husain Sahab Blessings of Allah be upon him was the head. Introduced a scheme to fulfill the expenses of the madarsa. Should take rupees 10/- daily from every shop and house. After few days shifted to Hyderabad with students, due to management issues .

Revival of Bargah e Deeniyah Banda nawaz:
This madarsa was established by the eldest son of Hazrat Mohammed Mohammed Al Husaini Banda Nawaz. He revived this madarsa. Alhamdulillah till today and InshaAllah till the day of judgement it will be the centre of Islamic teachings.

Committee Anwar e Ilmiya:
Under the guardianship of Hazrat Moulana Mufti Abdul Hameed Blessings of Allah be upon him, this committee Anwar e ilmiya was established whose aim and intention was to invite towards Allah and reform society. Other than this so many schools were established. Sponsored so many schools.

Establishment of Al-lajnatul Ilmiyah:
This institution was established in the 70th decade, through which many fruitful works has been completed. Under this institution, Nisab e Ahle Qidmat e Shariyah is translated in telugu language.

Eatablishment of Al Mahad al Deeni Al Arabi:
Once Hazrat Allamah Sayyed Taher Razvi Blessings be upon him, who is his peer o murshid and kind teacher, said that “ You do something in such a way that Arabic should reach to every house in Hyderabad”. By implementing this order in the year 1405 Hijri he laid the foundation of Almahad Al Deeni Al Arabi. At the beginning it was started with 10 students. Alhmadulillah now this school is situated in the heart of the city Shah Ali Banda. This institution has pure Arabic medium. For ladies branches of this institution are established as 1: Mahad ul Banat Nafees Unnisa at Khilwat, 2:Mahad Ul Banat Rafeeq Unnisa at Tolichowki which are governing by his wife Hazrat Doctor Sayyidah Nafees Unnisa Begum. Al together more than 700 students (boys and girls) are studying in this institution.

Delicate preaching:
Travelled many tours in and around city, country and foreign countries and from there beneficiating the world with the intention of teachings and preaching. Paraphrase/ explains daily after Fajr one hadees from Zujajatul Masabeeh. Every Friday after Magrib lectures at Jama Masjid Hazrat Chioonti Shah sahab, this lecture is ongoing from almost four decades. For this lecture selects the hadees from the book Zujajatul Masabeeh volume one and for Fiqh, Noor ul Eezah.

1: Hazrat Allamah Moulana Sayyed Shah Taher Razavi Al Qadri Qaddasa Sirrahul Azeez, chief of chancellors Jamia Nizamia at his residence during one function/ gathering granted him with four series/connections and said that it has been instructed in dream by Prophet Mohammed Peace Be Upon Him.

2: During stay at Jamia Ameenia Delhi, gratified in Chishtiya connection/series by Hazrat Allamah Moulana Sayyed Mashhood ul Hasan Qaddasa Sirrahul Azeez. Caliphate is granted by peer e tareeqat Hazrat Sayyed Tahir Razavi Al Qadri Blessing of Allah be upon him, chief of Chancellors Jamia Nizamia, the details of which are full with interest, some of the teachers of Jamia Nizamia alternately used to organize dinner, it was the turn of Hazrat Chief of Chancellors, after dinner Chief addressed the available teachers of Jamia Nizamia for few minutes and narrated the qualities of Hazrat Moulana Khwaja Shafeef Sahab, brought some honors from inside the house in which green turban (Amamah) was also there, declaring the caliphacy worn over the head of Moulana. Other teacher was watching admiringly .Said: I am not providing Calipahte by myself but Prophet Mohammed Peace Be Upon Him instructed me in a dream. Now he is pledging spiritual allegiance to the desirous persons.

3: Hazrat Shaik Alwi Maliki Qaddasa sirrahul Azeez has also granted him the Caliphate of Rifaiyah series.

Moulana has written so many books among them “Imam e Aazam Imaam ul Muhaddiseen” is most famous. He is the Chairman of Centre for Islamic debates Jamia Nizamia. Students aggregated the selected lectures of Bukhari Shareef which is brought out for display by the name of “ Surwatul qari”. Also translated the urdu book of founder of Jamia Nizamia Shaik ul Islam Mohammed Anwaar Ullah Farooqi Blessings of Allah be upon him, “Al kalam ul Marfoo feema yata allaq almouzu” in Arabic language, the importance of this book can be determined from this that Hazrat Imdad Ullah Muhajir Makki Blessings of Allah be upon him ordered founder of Jamia Nizamia to publish in the name of “Alkalam Ul Marfoo Feema Yata Allaq Almouzo” instead of the part of Anwar e Ahmadi . Similarly he has translated the great Book of Abul Hasanat Sayyed Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi Blessings of Allah be upon him compiled on the collection of Hanafi Ahadees Jurisprudence “Zujajatul Masabeeh” which is based on 5 volumes, which he translated in Urdu language “Noor Ul Masabeeh” from Vol 9 to Vol 22. He is most famous among the Muhaddiseen of Deccan. Other than different parts of India, Arab Emirates he travelled Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Germany for educational purpose. An interview has been telecasted on Kuwait TV as a Glorious Muhaddis of India. Shaik Yousuf Rifaei Ex Education Minister Kuwait and students of different Universities from Kuwait was certified in Hadees by him and they were got connected with Jamia Nizamia.

Glorious Saints of Deccan says that Allah has granted him the heights of Vilayat. By Seeing him one call recall /remember Allah. Hence as per Hadees “ ————“ Among you the best persons are those by seeing them one can remember Allah. His personality self sufficient from the worldly affairs, as long as he is away from prominence that much rank and reputation is gradually increasing .” _____________”

His life is full with the love the desire of Prophet Peace be upon Him. He blessed with many times Hajj and Visit to Masjid e Nabavi. At Madinah Munawarah he does not wear sleeper of shoes. He is always busy with recitals of Allah.

Myths of Expressions: Among this, his preciousness is among prose similarly poetry is also perfect, the collection of Arabic Naat, Manqabat, Taraney, Baqa-al-Haqani are under publication.

Perpendicular face, whitish red, medium height, uttermost slim, wears white turban (amamah) of length 5.25 meters, Sherwani, white saleem shahi pajama, jalsa shoes. Walking style is moderate, steps speedily.

Daily day and night Routines:
Allah has blessed him with numerous abilities. Busy routine of day and night, teachings and lectures, household works, meeting relatives, disciples, confessionists, listening to their issues, and providing their solutions. Despite of all this very less rests. Wakes up at the time of Tahajud, offers Namaz, at the time of Fajar calls every one at home for Salaat- salaat – salaat, assemble for fajar even in severe cold and non-favorable health conditions prefers to gather in Masjid for Namaz. And at the time of Namaz he used to be active just like a youth person. After namaz e fajar explains completely one hadees from Zujajatul Masabeeh. After reaching home recites Holy Quran till sun rises (Ishraaq). Instructs to recite Quran with concentration, in it Allah has kept heal/solution for your every issue. During recitation he himself selects the different Aayats that is to be given to the required persons for Zikr. Afterwards rests till 8:00AM, takes light breakfast and goes to Kulliyatul Banaat. After lecture, returns to home. Sometimes visits Al Mahad Al Deeni Al Arabi and guides the management. And after having tea goes to Jamia NIzamia. Visits home at noon, and after noon-nap (qailoolah) gets busy in writings and scripting, and often says that “I am still a student, reading and writing is my schedule”. After Namaz e Asar stays for few minutes or little time to meet the disciples and after returning home gets busy with self schedule, discussing with family members, listening to them and by explaining the way of living of ancestors (salf e saleheen) teaches the solution for various upcoming issues and supports them. Daily before sleeping six tasbeeh is a part of routine, dalael ul khairat is among his zikr.

And before sleeping drinks milk specially. Says that it is healthy and hygiene drink. Usually have dates, and some dry fruits in the packet of his sherwani which he eats from time to time. Every month as per the lunar dates, first Wednesday conducts Qaseedah Burdah Shareef Mehfil, and on Second Wednesday Halqa e Zikr, immediate Thursday conducts mehfil Dalael Ul Khairaat, in which disciples and followers from and around Hyderabad gathers in large number and gets rewarded. Organizes mehfil e Dalael ul khairaat every Monday at his residence located at Kamati pura area.

We benedictine/ pray Allah that with his sublime character make us and our generation till death the one who achieve bounties.

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